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Hahne Construtora
Hahne performs all studies of structural design and the calculations necessary to assure the safety and quality of the works. The essence of the structural design is the use of modern software – which scales any structure using only columns and armed plates into two directions – and the proper use of material.

The modern evaluation methods used allow exact calculations, which are more economical and much faster. Besides, the structural concept applied eliminates beams and thus makes the structure lighter and more stable. The plates are filled with expanded polystyrene blocks in areas of zero effort, thus reducing the weight without changing the stiffness of the plate.

Hahne uses expanded polystyrene to fill the spaces between the ribs of the slab, which gives to the slabs not only lightweight but also superior features in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort. It is worth noting also that the expanded polystyrene used is made from recycled material, thus removing waste that would otherwise remain in the environment.
<b>Hahne’s Building System</b> – Example of waffle slab placement – Thickness of 40 cm – Span of 7.50 m. <b>Hahne’s Building System</b> – Waffle slab section – Thickness of 40 cm – Span of 7.50 m. <b>Conventional System</b> – Example of massive slab placement – Thickness of 16 cm – Span of 7.50 m. <b>Conventional System</b> – Massive slab section – Thickness of 16 cm – Span of 7.50 m. <b>Conventional System</b> – Example of massive slab placement – Thickness of 16 cm – Span of 3.75 m. <b>Conventional System</b> - Section of massive slab. Thickness of 16 cm and span of 3.75 m.

The use of advanced methods allow the exact calculation of the deformations expected in each structural part, thus enabling the application of appropriate counter shaft at the time of the building.
<b>Hahne’s Building System</b> – Waffle slab deformations – 7.50 m <b>Conventional System</b> – Massive slab deformations – 7.50 m <b>Conventional System</b> – Massive slab deformations – 3.75 m

The use of flat slabs together with Hahne’s system of forms allows the application of the counter shafts precisely defined in the project. The modulation of the panel forms defines a grid of 3 m by 1.5 m, and each of its points allows an individual height adjustment.
Hahne’s Building System - Example of indication of counter shaft. Thickness of 40 cm and span of 7.5 m.

As a result, there is a leveled slab that does not need subfloor to receive finishing materials.

Hahne developed a monolithic cementitious floor that is placed simultaneously to the concreting of the slab, that is, the floor is part of the structure of the work. Hence, there is not the floor that relies on the subfloor, which in turn relies on the slab.

The result, therefore, is a single floor, seamless, waterproof and of high mechanical strength.

Hahne’s Building System
Conventional System
According to Hahne standards, the execution of subfloor to correct deformations in slabs and related elements is totally unacceptable. Besides being a rework, it adds weight to the structure itself, which does not add value to the final user.

Due to the slab’s plain groundwork, the execution of installations is very much facilitated, with no need to pass or cross beams. Moreover, the existence of ribs and cover allows a large number of support points for the architraves.

The greater thickness of the slabs also facilitates the assembly of pipes embedded. The pipes are placed in the intermediary space normally occupied by the blocks of expanded polystyrene, without affecting the structural function of the slab.